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About JC's Repair:   Welcome to Jackson County's Complete Onsite Computer Repair. 1

We are a computer servicing and maintenance company based out of Central Point OR.

We are specialists who have College degrees and are A+ certified in diagnosing and repairing all manner of computer problems. If you are having problems upgrading, or your machine is running slow, or even if it's dead, we can help!

We know that keeping a PC running can be frustrating sometimes, and that's why we have a comprehensive list of PC repair/maintenance tasks that we can carry out for you, and at a price that won't leave you feeling short changed. We aim to relieve your frustrations and ensure your satisfaction!

If you don't see the service you require on our site, please call us. We offer quotes for any PC work. We will either do all the work in your home or pick up your machine, analyze the system, and get back to you with a quote of the work that is needed... plus we will explain it all in plain English!  Also if you want to call around first, we will beat any other professional pricing by 10%.   

We do our best to keep a technician on call all hours to collect and deliver machines. So you needn't adjust your daily routine to wait for a technician to come and fix your machine!  With all these hours available for technical assistance we are a great option for college students or anyone with hectic schedules.


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