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Services   System Cleaning -
Pricing   A system cleaning is a great way to ensure that the life of your PC components are not compromised by everyday dust and grime. Power supplies, graphics cards, CPU coolers and other computer components attract dust due to the fact that they usually have a fan running which circulates air around them, and also a high temperature, which bakes on the dust. Dusty fans and components can lead to bad cooling, lock-ups, and eventually fan/component failures. All components will be reseated and cleaned.
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        Conflict Resolution -  
        If you are having trouble getting a piece of hardware installed, or a piece of software running smoothly with another, then our conflict resolution service may help. We employ our knowledge of PC and Windows operation to resolve conflicts at a low level and can help get your machine running problem free again.  
        Network Configuration -
        We can provide on-site configuration of a wired or wireless network. Whether you are starting a network from scratch or just adding another machine, we can help you get everything running smoothly. Please Note: We do not provide cable running/installation services, or wall box mounting, etc.
        System Tune Up -
        Using the latest benchmark software and our knowledge of hardware and operating system tweaks, we can performance tune your system in the area you specify. If you are a gamer, we can try and improve your 3D benchmark scores. If you are a musician, we can optimize your system for digital music recording. If you are into video editing, we can make sure your PC can handle the most demanding DV tasks. We will also make sure there are no software problems on your computer such as viruses, spyware, adware,grayware, etc. We will also let you know if upgrading your hardware will improve your overall performance.
        Data Recovery -
        Using some of the latest and most powerful software on the market we are able to recover just about any minor data loss. But for those major problems such as a power surge that caused your hard drive to crash and the drive doesn't work anymore, or any kind of physical damage done to the disk. We can get you a great price through OnTrack who can assist in many different levels of data recovery.
        Initial Setup -  
        Just bought a new computer or all the components to setup a new network and would like someone to get it up and going? We can come out and setup the initial computer and its components. We can also setup your new network, make sure it has good connectivity and make sure it is secure. And so much more-Are you needing help with something that we did not describe? When it comes to work such as this there are too many things to list off. Give us a call and we will help you out. They don't call us complete computer repair for nothing.